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United Kingdom
Formerly the mocist under the alias Fenrek, I am now exclusively and action figure collector and that's what you'll find here.

Feel free to look at my older mocing works aswel as my newer figure photography.
Drop a comment or just say hi if ya' like :)

Even though I'm not a mocist anymore I decided to entertain the idea of putting together a little top mocs of my favourite works and why I like them so much.

Thronxx by The-Dapper-Scrapper
Being one of the fewer mocs of my older build style before I moved onto working with grey, this moc holds a certain place above others not just for the build style but also as it showed a preview of how I wanted to build after it.
The whole voodoo theme, the bone motifs and use of my own collar technique all made for a good, fun build whilst also racking up a piece count and simple uses of system on the skirt and chest all helped me move a bit further away from larger technique builds and into somewhat smaller, hybrid builds of better quality and detail.

Gallitor v2 by The-Dapper-Scrapper
Even though this build received a lot of negativity (primarily for the it being mainly black despite it serving as a revamp where the original build dictated that aspect) I still have nothing but joy for this build whenever I look back at it.
Yes it uses older techniques and mainly black but here I feel it works. My own take on the original Matoran character of Gallitor includes more articulation, detail and even more orange accents. It's not overly bulky and included a new arm technique which put in a whole new joint and was another build to incorporate my odd fascination with toe articulation, most likely spawned from my action figure hobby.
The whole character of a miserable news-caster just adds more to the reason why I loved the original and thought my first take didn't do it justice.

Detox by The-Dapper-Scrapper
Who hasn't heard of Biorockdude these days and to that extent, Detox.
With my first Detruxx, black and lime incarnation of the infamous self-moc being met with high positivity, I thought that (and much later down the road) to do it proper.
  More detail, part count and with my own heavy armour/industrial twist, there's just nothing here I don't like about it. One of the few mocs I look at and think "Yup, nothing to change here" although I'm sure many of you have your own ideal take on Detox which this doesn't even come near to.

Super Machine Man! by The-Dapper-Scrapper
Just a fun, flimsy robot with an an anime inspired design and a complete departure from the rest of my works.
A satisfying build based solely around character and not how good I can build.

Kruxehn by The-Dapper-Scrapper
I don't do Matoran or Turaga often but I like to think I nailed this one.
I know it's not very clean and is probably over-detailed for many, but it satisfies my need for greebling the ever-loving hell out of my builds  whilst also being fun-sized.

Vezon by The-Dapper-Scrapper
I had so much fun with this build, as simple as it is with the only real area of interest being the custom, system mouth inside of the Vezon mask.
Instead of going for the classic Vezon from the story-line as the cursed, mask infused Piraka clone, I took on the version made popular through the Youtuber TheShadowedOne1 in his stop-motions and stories as a simple maniac with a crazed laugh and a stabby knife.
The shoulder spines were only there to keep him as a Piraka with a spine, something the original version doesn't have and the most entertaining feature of the cigar was the last minute addition that just made this.

Keetongu Chibi by The-Dapper-Scrapper
Pushing my own ability of articulation and detail into a tiny area, the Keetongu Chibi will forever be my all time favourite among my smaller builds.
At the end of the day, I just think it's downright adorable <3

Lammerz by The-Dapper-Scrapper
Lammerz (original): Lanky, overpowered, comical character.
Lammerz (mine): Industrial, cyber cowboy.
Any questions?

I've always enjoyed revamping other peoples' characters and Lammerz was among those that was always in the back f my head that never really made it to the bricks until right at the end.
My first attempt was designed to follow the lean, highly articulated look of the original and when that didn't work (with a few builds in-between) I stopped going against myself and went larger and for some reason made him very, very western.
I still like the whole abdomen area where it's just a centre bar with detail around it and it actually goes under the torso and up the back so the main body is at an overhang.

Phenraxx by The-Dapper-Scrapper
From Fenrek, to Krozienne, to Wabbit, to Fenrek and finally to Phenraxx.
The last of my so-called self mocs (but we all know it's realy Fenrek) this build took everything I had and all that I didn't.
Countless trial and error and many BL orders later to get all the white I needed resulted in this armored necrotic build that probably has too much detail and not enough accents but really shows what I'm all about in building.
Heavy armour, a ton of detail and a side-serving of character.
Also my first moc built solely off a dream I had where I saw this character jumping around.

Axonn by The-Dapper-Scrapper
I could go on for days about how much I love this build even though it's fairly fragile, has thigh issues and the entire shoulder assemblies were being held together by wishful thinking.
It was (in my own books) my first full success at using grey as the base instead of black and kick-started my admiration for the dark-red coloration which I later used in more builds.
In-keeping with my own style, I made him bulky yet lean and put it my own what I like to call, industrial touch with hosing and canisters to truly make this character my own.
Of-course I got some negativity due to the more proportional look and smaller hands which moved away from the original squat look of the character and his famously large digits.

Well thank you for reading (if you did) and is there anything that you would put differently?
Are there any builds you've particularly liked?
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Catching up on Attack On Titan Season 2.

My god why didn't I do this when it started <3
Saw Alien Covenant and it was amazeballs!!

Then got home and realised I always go to the cinema alone because I have no pals :(
Love my workplace, especially that there's a few celebs popping up now and then in the year.

Just held the door open for Robert Lindsay today ^^
Shaved my head . . . . . was the wind always this cold!? :frozen 
Unusually high boost in views/favs and general visitor activity on my profile this month.

Dafaq happened O_o


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I'm waiting on Voyager Megatron and Scorn.
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